Ease the pain of finding new clients – network in structured yet relaxed groups.

Before we started Network B2B, you had two options if you wanted to network:

  1. The “What-Was-The-Point-Of-That?” Network. You invested time in going to the meeting, watched people milling around, chatted to the three people you already knew, or somebody who you couldn’t get away from, and went home. Your dream client may have been in the room. But how would you ever know?

  2. The “Oh-My-God-I-Need-A-Referral!” Network. You’re wide awake the night before the meeting, desperately trying to work out what you’re going to say when the Network asks you for your weekly referral and you’re worried about finding a stand-in whilst you are on holiday. Super-regimented. Super-strict. Stressful.

At Network B2B, everything is structured to make it easy for you to find business but it remains relaxed and informal with flexibility.


meet & greet

Grab a coffee, log on (if virtual) and chat with fellow members and visitors.

60 second request

Every member gives a 60-second shout-out of who they are, what they do and the kind of business they’re looking for.

Break for breakfast

If it's a face to face meeting, we have a small break from the meeting to interact and chat with fellow members and visitors over a delicious breakfast.

10 minute presentation

One member each week gives an insight into their business via a presentation or an interactive discussion.

Breakout - Brainstorm

If in a virtual meeting the breakout is a mini 1:1 giving you the chance to interact with fellow members and visitors. Brainstorm is the opportunity to gain new ideas for your business, ask questions and get feedback. No matter what you’re going through, somebody in the room will be able to help.

Contribution session

This is when we pass referrals or book the all important 1:1 with your fellow members.


To become a member of a group membership costs are £35 + vat per month over a 12-month contract. The only other cost incurred is if you are attending a face to face meeting, then there will be a small meeting fee each week which is no more than £15 per person. This is collected on behalf of the venue to cover room hire, food etc. However with current restrictions in place, we now meet in virtual meeting format over Zoom which means you can prepare your own coffee and toast from the comfort of your home or workspace without worrying about any additional cost. 

As well as great networking there is the following member benefits: