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Covid-19 Statement

Like many companies and organisations, we are working hard during a very challenging and unprecedented period of fast moving changes to the way we work and interact to continue to support our members.


We have put plans in place to continue to hold our meetings online and more specific details are being distributed to our members through our normal internal communication channels. We are still encouraging people to visit our groups virtually through this period and they will be supported where needed to attend virtually and get not only value from the contacts that they will make during their visit, should they need support to work with the tools required to allow them to participate they can rest assured that we will provide that to them. Normally there would be a charge to visitors for breakfast but whilst we are working online, visits to our groups will be free. Visitors will be allowed to visit twice as is normally the case when meeting face to face and should they wish to join a group we would encourage them to do so.


When we emerge from these challenging times, working together and supporting one another and providing routes to win business will be how we do it successfully.


Should you wish to visit a group during this time, please contact us in the normal way and we will organise this for you.


Take care and keep well.


Alex Gordon, Managing Director, NetworkB2B